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Perry Mason
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as portrayed by Raymond Burr in the 1957-1966 CBS television series
Portrayed By Raymond Burr
Series Perry Mason
Gender Male

Perry Mason is the main character in the eponymous Perry Mason universe, created by Erle Stanley Gardner. He is friends with Paul drake and Hamilton Burger. 

He is also in a romantic relationship with Della Street.

Running themesEdit

A running gag in the TV series is Hamilton Burger always trying to catch Perry Mason and usually failing-exceptions are in "The case of the Blushing Pearls" Burger has Della Street give Mason a citation for burning trash without a license; In "The Case of the Malicious Mariner" mason gets a parking citation for illegal parking-{yet which helps him win his case!]; in another episode "The Case of the Reluctant Model" Burger presents Mason for a bill for .20 cents for money spent at Mason direction by the district Attorney office to solve a case! In "The Case of the Curious Bride' Burger vows to bring Mason on charges of changing a doorbell buzzer; {Burger will find out Mason owns the apartment!}

Another theme is Mason exposing the killer in court; exceptions are "The Case of the Careless Kitten", Monkey, the titular cat, helps provide Mason with a clue to a murderer; in The Case of the Wayward Wife Mason confronts the dying killer in the last 5 minuites of the episode and then explains to Lt Tragg the circumstances {"It was self defense"}; In one case Burger actually won a case-but Mason doesn't lose as his client is exposed as a murderous imposter and Mason sees to it the disticton of the real [innocent] person vs the [guilty] Imposter is pointed out!The Case of the Terrfied Typist; in one case Mason wins-but losses his fish! The Case of the Traveling Treasure. In The Case of the Fradualant Foto Mason does double duty as a District Attorney substitute for his client and then the next day Mason defends his client as a Defense Attorney!

The theme of Perry Mason winning a case is spoofed on a dream episode of "The Jack Benny" in which Raymond Burr played Perry mason who is defending Jack Benny from having killed a rooster at dawn; notwithstanding Mason dressing up like Abrham Lincoln and charging twightwad Benny a large sum to defend him, Mason wins by confessing he killed the annoying rooster at dawn! In another spoof movie-Raymund Burr maskes a cameo as a very fair Judge-who at the end of a trial passes out signed 8 x 10 photos of himself!